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About Us

 The “City Embroiders (Pvt.) Ltd.” was incorporated in early 1995. Prior to it, its sister concern “City Trading Company” was handling the business of Hand Embroidered Badges, Logos, Insignia, Pennants, Epaulets, Chevrons, Uniform Accessories etc. In fact, City Trading was supplying all the Decorative Materials used in various types of uniforms of Armed Services and related cadres. The business span of City Trading Company is spread over twenty five years. The encouraging and successful response by various business communities necessitated inception of City Embroiders and to diverge to Machine Embroidery business.

Having started with just one 20-Head machine, City Embroiders set its course towards Excellence, Quality Control and the like. Over the five plus years, the meager start proved to be a big success, in as much that its working capacity increased to 220-Head plus, (eleven fold) and double shift working.  Soon after its inception, City Embroiders, while initially having its Punching of designs done from outside, decided it was not a good way towards future progress. Hence, a decision was made to start its own in house Punching, and purchased its first Punching System. Now it owns three, besides a File Manager, capable of doing editing, and functioning as a Design Library. In  order not to hamper routine working for the sake of sampling, a Four-Head machine was purchased. All these efforts have proved fruitful, increasing working capacity manifold. There is a Research and Development Cell striving all the time to find new and innovative methods for diversification in Embroidery Field.

The city of Sialkot, Pakistan is well recognized for its contribution towards export of Sports Goods and Surgical Instruments, long before Pakistan came into being. With the change of trends, the change in the Mode and Style of business was imperative. Hence, a major part of Export Community diversified its approach and entered into Garment Industry, particularly in Leatherwear,  Sportswear, Martial Arts Uniforms etc. All these segments entailed Embroidery, may it be a logo or some sort of decoration. Being recognized as trend of the time, many players from outside Sialkot also jumped-in. Besides catering to the needs of local clientele, City Embroiders now serves a large segment of out-station customers, and shall continue this way for a long time to come. In order to provide further facilities for the Business Circle, City Embroiders plans to induct Chenille Embroidery in very near future. Woven Labels are integral part of Garment Industry. Small number of Woven Label makers in town are providing inadequate services and using old methods and equipment. In order to get quality service and material, the businessmen must contact out station suppliers. To off-set it, City Embroiders plans to introduce modern State of the Art Machines built under latest technologies for making Woven Labels, to be purchased from Western Europe in near future. Thus our clientele will have all the requisites needed for Garments under one roof.

The top management of City Embroiders comprises of partners; Mr. Zaheer Ahmed Lone is the Managing Director and Chief Executive. Mr. Jamil Ahmed Lone, Director Finance and Administration. There is a well-balanced crew comprising of professionals to work in Marketing, Sales, Production, Accounts, Maintenance and Export. A skilled workforce is engaged in Production Department, enforced with Quality Control personnel to ensure any item leaving Factory is perfectly worked-on.  The Export department is entailed in meeting the requirements of Export customers the world over. The span of Export activities is on the increase, the quality and pricing structure well competitive to that of any contemporary in this field, may be here in Pakistan or abroad in Far East. You may forward your inquiries through email to the following address: info@cityemb.com . A quick reply shall be sent same day. Should a quotation be required, please scan the design, make a JPG or BMP file in no more than 1MB, state required size, color details and send as an attachment to the email. The quotation will be forwarded within 24 hours.

We have a dedicated staff to look after your needs. It won’t harm to test our claim and accreditation.


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